According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, in 2005 there were an estimated 20,700 children under age 5 treated in US hospital emergency departments for shopping cart related injuries.  Deaths have also been reported from shopping cart falls and tip-overs.  To help prevent these injuries, the shopping cart safety strap was created. offers a durable safety strap that attaches to a shopping cart for securing small children in the seat in order to prevent fall related injuries. 

Retail and consumer versions are available.  The retail version is permanently attached to the shopping cart with plastic restraint clips, and meets industry standards.  Once they are fastened they cannot be removed without cutting or breaking them. 

Retail Child Safety Restraint

The consumer version is removable with metal fixed loop swivel snaps on the ends.  These snaps are easy for an adult to use, but difficult for a small child to remove.  It can be used not only for added safety when shopping cart straps are broken or missing, but is hygienic in that it can be removed and cleaned.  Because this strap is removable, it is very important that the child is supervised at all times when using this strap!

Consumer Child safety Restraint

Alternative Product Names: Child safety harness, safety strap, restraint belt, child belt, child safety restraint, shopping cart seat belt.

Common Hardware: 

Both Styles of this strap come with a single adjust side release buckle.  This means that the female side is sewn into place and the male side is adjustable by simply pulling on the webbing.  The retail style comes with two safety clips and once they are snapped into place, they are nearly impossible to remove without cutting or breaking them.

The consumer style comes with two metal bolt snaps (instead of the safety clips) that can be removed, making this strap portable.  The metal snap hook can also be powder coated to match your webbing.

Restrictions:  These straps are never to be used in a vehicle or child car seat.  Adult supervision is required to prevent falls or injuries.